Zoe Thicket is a spiritualist medium that communes with the dead. From the perspective of her spirit guide, a taciturn being with unknowable motivations, you assist Zoe in her endeavors to contact beings from the afterlife. 
While searching for her missing twin sister Avery with the aid of her spirit guide, Zoe discovers a book of strange fairy tales titled The Ashen Tome. Appearing story by story, The Ashen Tome reveals half told tales that Zoe uses as a source of divination. With each completed story, Zoe discovers a piece of the spirit world. Meanwhile, Zoe’s relationship with her guide becomes strained, and destruction and misfortune follow Zoe wherever she goes. As Zoe’s world crumbles, the nature of her spirit guide is revealed.
Gemina Umbra is an interactive haunting about internalizing demons and becoming your own worst enemy. Through the eyes of Zoe’s spirit guide the player influences Zoe’s choices and the mood of each act.

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