A.M.Sartor grew up in the Pacific Northwest United States and never left. Although she grumbles about the gray weather in the winter, she finds that the gloom has become an integral  part of her storytelling. Her favorite topics include the supernatural, myths and lore, the darker side of fairy tales, armchair neuroscience, and nature. She enjoys working on interactive media because it reflects the non-linear and experiential qualities of her creative process. Her brain and how it functions is a continual fascination/frustration.

Amanda has worked in video game development, children's/YA books and a myriad of other commercial illustration projects. Her work is a mix between traditional and digital media and has been featured at Light Grey Art Lab, Ghost Gallery, Gallery 1988, Gallery Nucleus, Every Day Original, Spectrum and SI-LA Illustration West.

When she is not creating art, Amanda enjoys hiking, thinking about creating art, looking at other people’s art, reading, designing video games, making lists, and being manipulated by her cat.
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